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When we need light on our life's path, to reach our goals or overcome our challenges -- it helps to have the support of a caring guide to bring us through the darker parts of our journey. 


What I Offer

Tailor Made Support and Guidance

“I offer a nurturing place to come and relax a while, put your feet up and breathe deeply. You will find a safe space to share your struggles and gently grow in ways that are important and sacred to you.  My personalized, holistic individual therapy sessions will let you take a step back to inspire

in you a greater inner meaning, resilience and joy!”

Compassionate Care

Mindfulness Coaching

Grief Counseling

Creative Expression

Relaxation for Anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Pet Therapy

Caregiver Support


In Office, at Home or by Skype



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is part of life...


is a painful part

of growth... 

Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a relationship or something as personal as your health,

abilities and dreams,

I can help lead you to   

Insight and Resilience

Strength and Courage

Healing and Hope

Joy and Light


Free Your Child from





Also Helps With

School Anxiety


Chronic Illness

Loss and Grief

Learning Differences

Developmental Differences


All About Therapy

Learn About Strength-Based Therapy

The theory: Strength-Based Therapy finds that through adversity, people discover their inner strengths. Further, how we face life’s challenges depends on whether we feel we are operating from a position of deficit or negativity and mistrust, or from a place of strength, positivity and trust. 

The practice: The hopeful field of neuroplasticity has proven that we can mentally grow at any age!  When we engage in mindful, reflective and nurturing dialogues with a trusted therapist and within our own consciousness, we are able to find our find and build on our strengths.  We CAN transform grief, depression and hopelessness and re-engage with life around us.  When we transform our worldview to one that is more positive, our energy is freed up to move forward through pain, doubt, and grief towards living a fuller, more meaningful life.


Take a moment to enjoy this immersive nature video

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Motivational Quote

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

If I am only for myself, what am I?

If not now, when?"

Hillel the Wise


About Me

Compassionate Care

Helping people with compassion is my passion. My desire to make a difference in the world led me to study psychology and human development at University of Texas at Austin and Spiritual Education at Yeshiva University, where I received my BA and MA, graduating with honors.  Delving deeper into human understanding and empathy, I received my Masters in Clinical Social Work at Hunter College School of Social Work in Manhattan in 1999.  I have devoted 20 years to my role as a community-based social worker for families in crisis.  I ministered to aging Holocaust Survivors for 10 years, treating intergenerational family trauma and grief. 

The last 14 years in the Los Angeles area have been very precious to me.  In raising my three children with special needs, I have learned much about resilience and mindfulness.  I am versed in educational and medical advocacy, while also providing supportive counseling to families facing chronic illness and loss.  My work has focused on childhood and adult chronic illness, cancer, genetic disorders, pediatric intensive care, sibling support, caregiver stress, loss and grief counseling, women's issues, infertility, life transitions and spiritual counseling.  I enjoy integrating a holistic approach to emotional healing, which starts with lots of loving care. Using other evidence-based interventions, I offer self-expression, understanding and acceptance that inspires meaningful living. 


I look forward to meeting you!

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